Practices, Protocols, & Priesthood


The Temple of Aphrodite in Oakland was founded in 2010 at The Sacred Well, where Priest/esses maintain a monthly liturgy and support space for those who wish to experience the mysteries of the goddess in Her many forms.

Our monthly liturgy is an exploration and celebration of the many ways love, beauty, desire and pleasure shape our decisions, choices, actions, and lives.

We research and study historical aspects of Aphrodite, such as praise hymns, epithets, and classical symbolism. We also recognize Aphrodite in the world around us today, in Her contemporary guises with modern sensibilities. 

Our Priest/esses are innovative, creative, and interpretive. We are always developing new approaches and methods for honoring Aphrodite and the power of Love in our world.

Currently, there are several active Temple of Aphrodite Priestesses providing ritual service, personal guidance and support, and Priestess training for our Temple's members. We all approach our work with Aphrodite from unique backgrounds and perspectives. If you are feeling the need to bestir, awaken, or develop more love, compassion, personal confidence, grace, beauty, or pleasure in your life, please don't hesitate to reach out and connect with us.

The Temple is accepting Priestess trainees at this time. Our next Initiation cycle will begin Apr 21, 2016.  If you would like to become a Priestess with the Temple, please attend services with us for a year. We are currently in partnership with CAYA Coven.

Our work is both joyful and reverent. In ancient temples, it was commonplace for visitors to observe certain rules and guidelines to maintain the sanctity and energetic resonance of the space, and to remain in an appropriate state to be received by the goddess. In our Temple, we ask that you please observe the following policies and protocols:

1) We arrive at all Temple events bathed and clean, out of respect for the Goddess and the other Temple attendees.

2) We welcome all who come to meetings with an open mind and respect for our practice. We treat each person present as a manifestation of Aphrodite.

3) We promote joy, gratitude, beauty, art, and love in our ceremonies, but also allow for other genuine emotions that arise in the moment.

4) We practice gentleness, reverence, awe, kindness, tenderness and respect to ourselves and all beings while in our circle.

5) We remind ourselves that we have important lessons to learn from each person in the circle. We listen from a place of silence, giving loving attention to the present.

6) Devotion comes in many different forms. Some come to connect to the divine, others to qualities or an archetype. There are various ways of interpreting and experiencing Aphrodite. We accept one another's truth without expectation, judgment, or dogma.

7) We allow for all to experience the bounty of Aphrodite: our Priestesses take turns with ritual roles, and ensure that everyone has a chance to participate, especially newcomers.

8) We ask permission before touching someone else, and respect one other’s boundaries, personal space, and vulnerabilities.  

9) We each uphold our sovereignty, and are responsible for stating and holding our own limits and boundaries. We practice exquisite self care in this regard.

10) We work in co-creation with the Goddess to find our own empowerment and beauty, even as we are awed by Her magnificence.

Our beautiful statue was donated by Heaven Walker.

Our beautiful statue was donated by Heaven Walker.

Then laughter-loving Aphrodite and her hadmaidens wove sweet-smelling crowns of flowers of the earth and put them upon their heads – the bright-coiffed goddesses, the Nymphs and Graces, and golden Aphrodite too, while they sang sweetly on the mount of many-fountained Ida.
— The Kypria frag. 6